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The color games of the artist


full of longing, soul, and somnambulism.

Kalchie is an artist whose work has captivated many viewers with its unique use of color and mysticism. Her paintings seem to transcend the physical world and transport the viewer into a realm of magic and mystery. Her use of vibrant colors, ethereal qualities and dreamlike landscapes create a sense of awe and wonder in the viewer’s mind. Kalchie’s work is heavily influenced by her use of colors. She uses them to create a powerful aura of emotion and energy. She often utilizes bright, bold colors that evoke feelings of joy and optimism. She also explores softer, more subtle shades that can be calming or mysterious. Through her intricate brushwork, she creates a tonality that is both persuasive and evocative. The artist’s exploration of color goes beyond just creating aesthetic beauty; it has a deeper spiritual significance as well. Her artwork often serves as a reflection on life’s mysteries and provides an insight into our deepest thoughts and feelings. Overall, Kalchie’s work is an example of how color can be used to explore emotional depths while simultaneously creating beautiful artwork. Through her distinctive style, she has created a body of work that is both visually stunning and spiritually enlightening.

Kalchie was born in 1937 as Gisela Clara Schiel in Koblenz am Rhein and left Germany in 1959 to settle in Basel, her new home. Kalchie’s girlhood was shaped by two arts: she devoted herself to painting and was fascinated by the Koblenz City Theater. She felt at home in the world of the stage, dance, and magnificent sets, even playing the lead role in a children’s fairytale at the age of 13. Even after her youth, alongside her bourgeois life as Schmid-Schiel with her husband and two children, she continued her painting with great passion and showcased her works in various exhibitions in the Swiss region. When her husband passed away prematurely and her children led their own lives, Kalchie fully dedicated herself to her art.


Kalchie was born in 1937 as Gisela Clara Schiel in Koblenz am Rhein and left Germany in 1959 to settle in Basel, her new home. In 1993, she completed her studies at the Rudolf Steiner Painting School, where the methodology emphasizes being in constant dialogue with the universe, a master, and God while creating her works. Through this spiritual connection, her studio becomes a magical space where colors come alive and transcend mere materiality. They communicate with each other, and Kalchie becomes an authoritative observer of her own creation. The intense longing for colors emerges deep within the artist, as she carries the colors within her before bringing them onto the canvas. Kalchie senses specific colors that she must use with utmost certainty.